Get me out- and into reading! -Angelica G.


My name is Angelica Garcia and I’m actually kind of excited for biomed in tenth grade. I look forward to learning more about pregnancy and baby development. One of the reasons why I joined and chose biomed was because I wanted to become a doctor but now that I have learned a little more about the medical field I have realized that there’s more jobs in the medical field that seem a little more easier and that interest me more. I’m excited to start reading this book and gain a little more knowledge and expand my choices in careers to be able to have many options to choose and think about! Something that excites me and makes me look forward to the year is getting to know more about how the female body is able to form and carry a small being within. It fascinates me how a body is formed so easily just by sperm and egg. I did a little bit more research and I found out that by the third week the baby’s gender, hair type, hair color, etc is all set which blows my mind thinking about the process. post_2014-01-03_research-from-2013-shines-a-138264_9_twins

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