Get me into reading~Natalia V.

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Get me out

Hello my name is Natalia!! I am happy to get started on my summer reading book. Currently I am 15 years old and I plan to have a career in the biomedical field that’s becoming a nurse. Right now I am trying to discover what type of nurse I want to be and my interest is on children. I have always thought that being a nurse was interesting and for along time it has been a career that I want to pursue. I think that biomed will help me by learning things that can help me with my nursing career.I want to pursue a nursing career because I like helping people and yet I may not know what type of nurse I want to be but in my mind I keep thinking nursing mothers and babies after birth will be a good idea.  I love summer, and reading new books. The past year was full of learning more about the human body. Now this new school year and in the summer by reading this book I want to learn what mothers go through with having a baby because in the future I want to become a mother and due to females having a different body it could help me learn about reproduction system. I am excited is to learn new things that this book has for me and get me more educated. Can’t wait to start reading!!!

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