Get Me Into 10th Grade Bio-Med! Yoselin R.

Hey there fellow Bio-Med Buddies,

This is the book cover. 

As this school year comes to an end, I am not sure if I’m more excited for summer or my summer reading. I am really looking forward to reading, Get Me Out, especially since it will be very useful in Bio-Med next year. Based on the information that I’ve read about this book, I can tell that my brain will absorb new information. Overall, I would say that this year has been one of the most challenging yet enjoyable since my time here at ARS. I am really looking forward for the challenges sophomore year will bring. I am specially interested in seeing how the Bio-Med class will continue to challenge me as an individual while it expands my knowledge as a scientist.

As a young 15 year old who is interested in going into the medical field, I can say that this class is only encouraging me to develop more interest in becoming a pediatrician or a surgeon. I hope that by taking time out of my summer to read about childbirth and the developments we have made throughout many years I will be reward with helpful information. I can not wait to share my feedback, and experience as I begin to read, Get Me Out.


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