Evolution, Get Me Out. -Pattie A.

Hi! My name is Pattie and honestly, I couldn’t be any less excited for this up following biomed year! As a current freshman and experiencing my first year of the biomed pathway here at my school, one could say that I have been fully drawn to the science field. As challenging as this past year has been, I have learned so much and found myself to really like the specific “subject” of genes, DNA and overall evolution of the human body. Something many might not know is that I too love physiology. These two interests of mine are making this up following year seem even more exciting. As a female and wanting to be a future mother, I find the subject of pregnancy and the chaos that happens to one throughout the nine months of pregnancy a bit intimidating, but I know it is something I am going to have to face eventually. With all the advances in technology and the surprises our generation is to bring is something positive yet negative for everyone, especially pregnant females. Many “mothers” don’t tend to take care of themselves until after they “really” need to, which brings birth, mental and emotional effects to a mother, child and family. The more educated both males and females are about children and the baby’s evolution, the more lives will be saved. Our methods are different compared to methods and traditions used back in the early 1900’s. Because I don’t know much about the differences, I am very excited to read Get Me Out. Knowing that there are ways to save lives is a huge step up since I  believe that life is very important. I can’t wait to see what I learn!


 Cover of book- Get Me Out

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