Come Out to Meet Me-Bunmi

I’m Bunmi (Boo-mi), and I’m going to be a sophomore soon… It’s a bit nerve wracking, though that’s how I felt going into ninth grade and I did a pretty excellent job at not dying so I think I’ll be more than just fine.
I joined biomed for a lot of reasons, though to make it simple I’ll break it down quickly.
1.) I’ve always like bodily themed things. Pimples were always gross and fascinating to me. I like knowing how my body works. I like science, and I also like kind of gross stuff.
2.) I want to be kind of Doctor in the future. Either that, or a writer. Doctor is more realistic. Writer is preferred.
3.) The other pathways are too easy… That’s at least what I heard. I wanted a class I would a good grade in, one that would remind me that I worked for it.
A few things:
I like writing. Since elementary school I used to hate it. In fourth grade I magically made something that sounded… Good. I was very suspicious. But after about a week, I decided I should just milk it and see how far I’d go with it. And here I am, still writing.
I’m people oriented. I like people a lot. I might be shy sometimes, but most of the time I’m not. I like to talk, and use my hands while doing so. I also like listening to people. I’m not very good at it, but I try.
I’m musical. I play the Tenor Sax , and I’m kind of learning to sing. I like playing the sax, though to me it’s not very impressive. It’s more of having a friend, than it is having something to show off.
I’m a Christian. I’m not sure what that might mean to you, but I’d like to clear the air about it. I’m not any kind phobic. I love everyone at least a little bit. But don’t assume that just because I’m Christian means I hate everything that other Christians hate. Not every single Christian is like that, and I’m certainly not going to persecute anyone for ONE trait they have.
Pretty sure this is 100 words at least.
So um…
See you around I guess

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