And here’s a few words from Carolinas mind-Carolina

Bienvenidos amigos to my WordPress account for my very interesting biomedical summer reading blogs. I’m not sure what to talk about, but the safest topic to talk about is myself. My full name is Carolina Vazquez Saavedra, I am 15 years old and I like having good grades. I plan to finish my blog post in June, I feel like I am able to do this because I love to read. I love dystopian and nonfiction books. My favorite dystopian series and book are in the bottom pictures. Besides reading I love drawing realistically and seeing how close to reality I can get. I am very excited to read the book Get Me Out: A History of Childbirth from the Garden of Eden to the Sperm Bank” and see how childbirth has changed or if it has changed and in what ways we can improve childbirth. I’m looking forward to the things biomedical science has to offer us next year.

Red Queen #1 by Victoria Aveyard
The Gardener by S.A Bodeen
Glass Sword #2 by Victoria Aveyard

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