Savannah and Apolonia

In class we are currently working on medical ethics. Part of our final is to be able to debate about an ethical problem in medicine today. Our topic is Autonomy and choice of treatment for minors, we are in support of this idea and believe that teens should be the ones who carry out this decision.

This is a difficult case to research and talk about because this is about a child’s life and we have to take in consideration emotional affects on the family, who would most likely always choose to have the minor go through the treatment so they can have a life extension. We understand that this is not a real case we are working on , but we also know that many families go through this everyday with their loved one and we trying to dig up as much information as possible to get a better idea of what they are going through. Of course if the patient is a newborn, or a infant then the parents’ should be the one to make this decision because the child is unaware of what is going on.

So far we found information that opposes this topic as well as information that supports the topic. A point that we came across was how the decision the parent makes will be for best interest of the child (NCBI) but sometimes family members can make selfish decisions, or be too emotional which can lead to a decision that the child doesn’t agree with. ¬†Another point is that the child is the one going through the pain, and not his/her parents, and its their body that has to go through that treatment. They’re also aware of the amount of pain their body is able to take, something their guardians may not understand.

In conclusion we are still working on making a strong case in support of autonomy for minors. Also the research has been helpful for our side, but we will also be looking at points against us so we can plan to have a good comeback.

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