No More Organs for SALE- Anabel P. and Mariana


This is an image shows what people wanting to sale their organs will go through, a surgery that will take pain and recovery time.

This is Anabel and Mariana, reporting from room 218. We are currently developing an opposing case for our debate over the vending and purchasing of organs. Although it is illegal to sell your organs in the United States, it is a widely known debate due to the potential positive and negative effects that come from it. Organ sale may be seen as beneficial because of it’s ability to give everyone the opportunity to make some money and help someone in need, but it can also have negative effects because it can lead to unauthorized use and purchase of organs in what some people call the “black market.”


Throughout this debate we will debate our fellow classmates Sarahi and Zaira who will be constructing the supporting case on organ sales. As mentioned above organ sales are illegal, and maybe that’s a sign that it’s something that should not get in the hands of the public where they can basically sell their body parts. Not only that but there’s a process to where people get background check to make sure their organs are good, so why remove your own without knowing it will be compatible with the other person. Besides that in the worst case scenario lets say its not compatible,your organ will not last. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, you organ will only last 4 to 6 hours, once that time is up it will not be useful anymore, meaning you will not gain any money.

We can wait for this debate, wish us luck!!!

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