Germany’s new law?- Jackie and Odessa

Our group, Odessa and Jackie, are debating with another group whether or not minors should have the right to use cosmetic surgery to enhance facial features. Germany’s new government is working on a law banning cosmetic surgery for minors, which is a huge disadvantage for their teens. The U.S FDA banned silicon gel breast enhancements back in 2006, for 14 years. Other countries have already banned this cosmetic surgery for minors in Australia and Italy. The basis for the new law is because a doctor claimed that it is unacceptable to gift cosmetic surgeries to teens.

Cosmetic surgery is not just for self-esteem, but also for people who actually need it. The opposing team will say that cosmetic surgery is bad for teens since their body has yet to fully develop. And doctors say but in reality it does a lot of good for the development of certain teens. Various certified medical sources describe that cosmetic surgeries for medical purposes are very beneficial for teens. Not all cosmetic surgeries are planned for the reason to “look” good. Some people need the surgery for certain reasons, either fixing necessary weight that is deadly for the patient or reconstructing the nasal structure.
We’re talking about cosmetic surgery, not plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty dedicated to reconstruct facial and body defects due to birth defects, trauma, burns, and disease, whereas cosmetic surgery focuses on enhancing a patient’s appearance and aesthetic appeal, symmetry, and proportion. Cosmetic surgery includes breast enhancement, facial contouring, facial rejuvenation, body contour, and lip fillers.
We think this law should not be passed for the reason that it is the child desire to obtain these medical procedures and also the parents. The parental guardian’s decision when signing the consent form shows that they are also okay with it, it is at their own risk and it shouldn’t be Germany’s.

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