Dignity to Die -Shana F. and Brenda V.


“Born with Dignity. Died with Dignity”

Hello, we’re here again, Ann Richards School biomed students and we are back with another case to do. For our case, we are the affirmative side to support the act of euthanasia law among children with a terminal illness. Join our journey as sophomore biomed students Shana F. and Brenda V. debate over allowing the choice of euthanasia to minors.

Euthanasia also known as assisted suicide or mercy killing which provides patients who are suffering in terminal illness the right to relieve persistent pain. There are two main classification of euthanasia which are voluntary and involuntary associated with if this conduct receives patient’s consent or not. Also, two different procedure are performed in euthanasia. One of which is passive euthanasia that doctors withheld life-sustaining treatments. The other is active euthanasia that lethal substance or forces are used to end the patient’s life. The law of euthanasia has varied along time and geographical regions. Due to concern on religious belief and basic human rights, until 21th century, the majority of countries have been against euthanasia which has been considered murder. However, started 2002 in Netherlands where was the first country to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide with strict restriction, France, Germany, Belgium and some other European countries have passed the law of euthanasia. Oregon was the first US state to legalise Euthanasia. In addition,Belgium has passed a law that allows minors to request the use of euthanasia since 2002 after the child has made an official decision for themselves. Requirements for minor euthanasia include if the child is near death with their terminally illness and constantly suffer pain. Therefore, Belgium became the first country in the world to remove any age restriction on euthanasia which has pushed this controversial topic again to the headline.

The case that we are presenting towards the debate is the agreement in supporting the use of euthanasia among terminally ill minors as a privilege right that should be allowed for their personal use. The fact that a child is in deep pain from a terminal illness, they should have their opinion to say and choose whether or not they want to go under and perform an euthanasia as a right under the first amendment which is the right to establish religion, freedom of speech and press and children should be able to discuss and express their wishes with their doctors.

In conclusion, we support the cause of letting minors request euthanasia due to their terminal illness. An illness happens but one may chose their treatment or cure. Everyone deserves to die with dignity.

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