Death Row Inmates Getting Organs? // Dimanique & Leyla


The University of Indiana’s Center for Bioethics


Horacio Alberto Reyes-Camarena is a death row inmate and has been on death row for about 6 years already having a lot more to go, he continues to be on death row, but now he has a kidney condition requiring multiple session of dialysis. But the reason this came now became an issue is because the state has to pay for 40% of all inmates medical care cost, and Horacio wants to receive an organ transplant or at least being eligible to be on a waiting list. His argument being that it will not only benefit him by having better kidney’s but also benefitting the taxpayers because if you add up all the medical cost of dialysis and just a transplant, the transplant is the most cost effective. This will not only save the taxpayers money but it will also provide dialysis for others who are in need of the dialysis instead of a death row inmate.

“Oregon pays a reported $121,000 a year to keep Reyes-Camarena on dialysis. Last month, his prison doctor determined he was a good candidate for a kidney transplant.” -ABC News. This means that Alberto is going through thousands of dollars on dialysis and in the long run could cost more than a transplant which may be an easier choice seeing how he is a prisoner who is already being punished on a death row sentence.

Not only that but death row inmates get an estimate of about  a decade – two decades, and the reason behind this long wait is to see if any new evidence arises that would help get the inmate evade being executed. We are debating to support inmates at least being put on the waiting list for an organ transplants, because anything could happen from the average wait time (Kidneys: 5 years) to their date of execution.


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