Human Rights Apply to ALL Humans -Lily & Emma

We chose to take on the case of Alberto Reyes-Camarena, a death row inmate at Two Rivers Correctional Facility. He was put on death row 19 years ago, after repeatedly stabbing a 32 year old and an 18 year old, with only the 18 year old surviving, according to ABC News. However severe, this is his only crime history, and yet he was sentenced to death by lethal injection. Camarena has a failing kidney, and is currently on dialysis, which cleans his blood of the toxins his kidneys cannot remove. This is a difficult case to support, there are many ethical arguments against and for his doctor’s request for transplant, however we have found compelling evidence that support the transplant he is so in need of.

According to Medicine Net, when kidneys shut down, the fluid and waste normally flushed out by urination build inside the body. Staying alive requires dialysis or a new kidney. So far, Reyes-Camarena has many years left before his time is up, and during this time he can still continue to request appeals that could possibly save his life.

We understand that his crime was deadly and unjust, but so is the conviction itself. It could easily be argued that convicting this man to death by lethal injection is just another murder in our world. As the saying goes, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Instead of killing this man, the state could provide rehabilitation, considering that Reyes-Camarena was drunk at the time of the murder, impairing the reasonable judgement his criminal record suggests he maintained his entire life up until the crime.
So although this case is a difficult one, one thing is certain; everyone’s right to live and desire to live should be acknowledged, even those who have been convicted of murder. His victim did not deserve to die, and the other did not deserve to suffer, but Reyes-Camarena does not deserve to die either.

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