Death-Row= Organ Transplant?? I think NOT:) Ishajanek, Keira

My partner Detective Tutuola and I Detective Stabler are debating the topic over where an inmate Reyes Camarena sentenced to death row should be allowed to receive an organ transplant or not. According to the notes from the actual case Camarena was employed as a foreman at a farm where the victims worked, and he agreed to drive the victim and her sister to a farm in Washington to find work. After Camarena and, the two women, left the farm, Camarena robbed and repeatedly stabbed the women, and left them beside rural roads in Douglas County. The victim’s sister died as a result of this stabbing, and the victim made it alive after being stabbed 17 times to testify in court against the defendant Camarena. In court Camarena was found guilty of aggravated felony murder, first-degree robbery, and two counts of aggravated murder. And was sentenced to death. My partner and I believe that Reyes Camarena shouldn’t be allowed to receive and organ transplant. According to murderpedia during an interview about why Camarena believed he deserved the right to have an organ transplant he stated he wanted the same rights as those in the free world. Which he has been granted due to the fact that he has been receiving medicare from the correctional facility he is staying in but should he be able to receive a new organ when he is already sentenced to death? Isn’t there someone else more worthy or receiving an organ transplant? Like a child, teen, adult or another prisoner who has a better chance of making it out of prison to fix their life?  Through this debate the opponents will most likely argue that the current medicare Camarena is receiving is costly, they will also try and argue that prisoners have the same rights as those who aren’t in jail but the real question is should he be able to take a life and then be rewarded with another? Another question is how can he appeal his case  stating he is innocent if there was a direct witness the woman who  survived being stabbed 17 times and testified? reyes-camarena-000


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