Brain Enhancement- Brianna P, Capri J

Our debate will cover the issue of brain enhancement supplements that are used as a way to academically improve the lives of people all around the world.  Due to the positive effects of the supplements, we support the use of brain enhancement medication. Our case begins after a study has been conducted by Cambridge University showing that about a dozen of their colleagues had admitted to regular use of prescription drugs to improve daily functions. Among the contents of the results of the study, there has been no accurate percentage of the strong impact that the drugs have had among society- thus proving the idea that the supplements are not a danger to the educational community.There has been many debates over whether this issue is harmful for humans if they don’t really need to take it, but the truth is, it is here to better help a person function in life more freely and easily.

The top three medications that are highly recommended for students for brain enhancement is Lumonol NOVA, Cebria and Mindcare Protect. All of these medications boost the energy levels and enhance motivation. It allows the brain to work faster and makes you less lazy to do things that you normally wouldn’t do and because of these, many people are able to get through everyday life. These medications do not allow you to have any problems such as ADHD, but if you have problems with focusing, then it can improve the cognitive skills. To conclude, there are far more advantages to using brain enhancement aids rather than cons; as like every other medication that is currently used, and yet they are not as controversial as the top three medications that is often used among college students. Our goal of this debate is to bring an end to the inaccurate statistics that suggest otherwise.

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