Letter to the Future- RunnerPro

Dear incoming sophomores of biomed,

This year in biomed you will come across a lot of challenges, but the most important thing is to push through and remember that it will all be okay. This year you will learn so much new information and at times it can become overwhelming, but try and remember to have fun. All of the work and the projects that you do this year can cause you a lot of stress, but with hard work and some good time management everything will be okay, and once yall are done you will see that nothing was as bad as it seemed.FullSizeRender (1)

My name is Haley and i just finished the DAP project in biomed. From this project I have learned so much cool information about the bodyIMG_6068. This project required a lot of hard work and a lot of time and at times things could become a little overwhelming , but the most important advice that I could give anyone is to just push through. In the moment all the little things that you need to do can add up, but once you start getting things done, you realize that nothing was as bad as it seemed during the time. Other advice that I would give is to get things done sooner rather than later, because the closer you get to your deadline the more and more stressed you are going to become. Choose your groups wisely and make sure that you work as a team. Communication is the key to getting things done, and keeping the stress away. Resources that I recommend are real people. The internet and google give good information but nothing is as good as getting real and genuine information from the people around you. Just work your hardest and you will be sure to get this project done!

My name is Diamond and I just recently finished the DAP project in biomed. From this project I learned a lot about the joint that we did which was helpful and can be used along the way for different things. Throughout this project you learn a lot about what you are researching but you as well learn a lot about the people in your group. This project was a little overwhelming at times but as long as you keep trying and don’t give up then you will be fine. The biggest advice that I would give to you all when coming into the DAP is to not give up. At times you may want to because it’s too much pressure but as long as you stay on track and do the things needed you will be fine. Another advice I would give is to not choose people that you won’t get things done with because this a major grade and you should have fun while doing it. The best resources that I found most useful with my project was real interviews with people one on one because they gave you the best information to use towards your project that helped develop it along the way. All together you should just work together, have fun, and don’t give up.IMG_0540

My name is Dimanique and I have also finished the DAP of Biomed. Some interesting things I learned during this project was getting to know more of the anatomy of the knee. Also working with other people and collaborating with other classmates made me more aware of other joints in our body. I enjoyed the process but especially getting it all over with and moving on.

Some advice that would be helpful to know beforehand in my opinion, would be to communicate! Communication is key during the whole process of this project. If any team members are absent be sure to contact them as soon as possible and be sure to tell them where you guys are in the process. Make sure your team follows the timeline and goes with the “What’s up in Biomed this week?” Have a plan and follow due dates. The less procrastination… the less stress. Making sure everyone is caught up and having a set understanding of what needs to be done is a good idea. With all the time we had during this project, you should never fall behind, stay ahead of the game. Work as a team, that’s key. Some helpful resources would be Ms. Miesner’s links on Haiku. You can use them for help whenever you need it. She usually has links for literally everything. Asking for help is also a good idea. Your teacher is there to help and she’s one of the biggest resources throughout the whole process.IMG_0430

My name is Viviana and I just completed my DAP project. Throughout my journey of this project I’ve gotten to learn so much. From the different types of bones in the body to joints to anatomy and functions. I’ve also learned how to sew and create a knee brace which was pretty cool, I also learned how to pitch a product to professionals. Advice that I’ll like to give is to corporate! If you don’t corporate your project will not turn out the way you want it. If someone doesn’t corporate make sure you talk to them or even talk to the teacher. You also to have a timeline or a to-do list to make sure the job gets done faster. Also, use your time efficiently!! Helpful resources and will be useful is the links on haiku. The links on haiku could help you gain knowledge and will be like a guide while completing your project. Also, always check your email!


Overall we wanted to tell you ¡Si se puede! Though this may seem hard now, it will all be okay. Work as a team and you can do anything!


Good luck,

Haley, Diamond, Dimanique and Viviana

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