Human Relief OUT

Future worried pupils who will cry at night because of the DAP, here are a few tips that we gathered for your DAP to be awesome, since you might hear that the DAP the determining factor to your letterman jacket.

Hey Guys, Priscilla here. So the DAP can be very stressful, and trust me it will be, that’s why I’m writing down some tips for you to take under consideration to get a better grade than I did on the DAP. Now it’s been said over and over to not procrastinate for the last 5 years and I never realized how true those words are until now, that I’m writing this. Use your class time and research because with AP World History happening you’re going to slack off and Biomed is not the class you want to slack off on. You will cry, I did. Also it’s good that you set a good communication system with your group so that the project turns out great, my group had a few struggles due to the lack of communication. Do not use Wikipedia, although it may hold the answers it’s not safe to use it as a source. When the time to present comes, don’t forget to breathe, it’s the most important thing I forgot to do during the whole semester. -Priscilla O.

For your DAP here’s a few words of advice that you may really need when the time comes because it’s really important.

Things i’ve learned was that you don’t have as much time as you might think, time flies by super fast when you’re working on this project. Don’t procrastinate do work on time and plan or schedule things ahead of time, sometimes even stay after school because we know you really need it. Remember, when you’re researching actually read what you’re finding out about because when presentation time comes and you don’t know what your talking about it takes a big toll on your final grade. Also i’ve learned you can know a lot about your anatomy and etc. but if your prototype doesn’t reflect what you talk about then it could be a bad when coming to your grade. The resources you should really focus on are the ones that say .org or .gov because those are the ones that provide the most amount of information when it comes down to anatomy and comparing your device to other devices. Also just asking us for our input and anything else you may need would be a good idea. (remember though be nice and ask if we could help you don’t just assume we will, we got school too you know.)


But seriously this is a big thing for you guys so honestly don’t procrastinate or anything because we all know its bad but it’s even worse for something like this.

-Leyla Z.

Hello it’s me…. Yadira. Throughout this project you need to really stay focused as much as possible, and really push for getting your prototype done first, I found myself very stressed when I had to do both my presentation and prototype. Also it’s very essential for your entire team to be on task because if one person is behind and doesn’t turn something in it drags the entire team down, personally this happened several times to use because the lack of communication we had, so when we had to turn in out materials list to the teacher and one person who was in charge of that didn’t do it, it affected all of us because we ended up not having the material we thought we were going to work with so in the end our entire prototype had to adjust to the materials we ended up getting. It the little things that can really pull you behind. Best of luck with DAP AND WHAP you’ll be fine…maybe.



In the end what we are trying to say is relax but panic about this project at the same time, and really if you need anything really advocate for it with Ms.Miesner because in the end you are the one getting the grade……Human Relief Out *drops mic*

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