You’ll survive because we did… from JPP


Dear innocent little children, you have no idea how much sanity you are about to lose. I would advise you to leave while you still can. Consider this a warning. I tried to stop you. RUn. Just kidding (not really). Listening to the advice below will provide you with a 10% chance of survival. Pay attention, be silent and read.

lilyySomething I learned while doing the DAP that I would want to share with you is that working with your team is essential to success. You have to have means to communicate with your team when you are completing last minute duties outside of class. Assuming someone will do their part is not going to end well for anyone. I advise you to take initiative, and if there is no communication happening, be the one that sends the first message, it will drastically improve your grade. Something that helped me cope with this project was giving myself a freaking break. Some nights I had homework for this project but it was ju
st too much, so I would simply put it off until the next day, maybe once I was at school with my friends to help me. It is a lot less stressful and also you will avoid the deep bags under your eyes that this project is guaranteed to give you. -Lily

image (2)During this DAP I learned that knowledge is power. The more you know in your DAP the more you are able to talk about it, speak about it, and contribute to the overall project. The more things you know about your topic the more you can tell others about if and then they’ll think they know everything you know and give you a high score. My advice to you is to be familiar with what you’re going to say during your presentation. If you are able to use your hands and look at the audience while you’re speaking they’ll be more engaged. Also not reading off your notecards just makes you seem more professional and again will lead to a higher score which is basically what you should be concerned about in this setting because this grade determines a lot. Something that helped me during this project was having frequent rant sessions with your peers to understand that there are other going through your pain and everyone agrees that what’s currently happening is madness. Goodluck. -Maggie

image (1)During your upcoming project, I would really recommend finding a group of friends or fellow students that you can collaborate ideas with. Being able to vent to other students who are going through a similar experience as you are can be extremely helpful to retain your sanity. I’m not going to lie, this project was a challenge, both mentally and project-wise. I did- however, feel pretty accomplished after it all was over. I struggled to keep up with everything happening at school at the same time as the DAP (aka world history), and you probably will face a similar challenge. Just know that you WILL finish, you WILL sound good, and you WILL know what you’re talking about. That is, if you don’t push everything to the last second and co-operate with your team. -Emmaline

My teacher told us we can’t write anymore so peace out, don’t die, bye.

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