Wrapping Up Save-A-Joint

Dear biomed class of 2019,

You’re going to start your DAP project, and we get how stressed you might be or freaked out but we’re here to relieve you of your worries. Yes, it will take a lot of research (a lot) and it will probably take up most of your social life, but it’s an amazing learning experience that will prepare you for future projects and maybe even your future job.This project brings groups together and creates ideas that show how creative you can be! We’re here to give you advice and share some tips that we learned along the way so you can do what we didn’t and hopefully make your life easier.

From this DAP we learned more about the elbow and the anatomy. As well as other parts of the body. We learned how to work better with groups. Some advice that I should give is to be on task. Staying on task and doing your part of the project is important not just for you but for your group as well. It’s a team project. Just have a planning of what is going to be done and everything should turn out fine. A helpful resource will be Ms.Miesner, she helps a lot and answers any questions needed. There are a lot of things that the group will struggle with, mostly with coming up with the main idea of a product and such. It is  important that communication is key in your project, there are a lot of ideas that could be circulated while thinking about the project.

This is one of our first prototypes with our team member Paola E. holding it

While we learn about the basic anatomy of the human body and how it usually works, I didn’t really take the time to myself to analyze how our bodies are constantly affected by outside forces and how our bone structure is held together by all different types tissues and ligaments (thanks DAP). The DAP gave me the opportunity to work with the elbow bone structure and analyze how different injuries affect it’s bone structure/ how it works. My advice to you would be to communicate and contribute your ideas to your team, because even if you think they’re not good, everything has to start somewhere. You can build from your starting idea and share with your class/team, it actually helps you improve on your team building skills. The key is to have fun with it and tie what you learn in class to your real life. Don’t stress too much and work with your team to create this amazing project to share with others.

Unfortunately that’s all the time we were given by Ms.Miesner, but hopefully our team members Stephanie and Jennifer helped you learn more about the DAP and reduced your stress levels. We wish you luck and hope you have fun with the human anatomy!

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