Survival of the Fittes

Hey Class of 2019, this is Disc-located speaking to you and we want to let you know like 5th Harmony said” You don’t gotta go to work, work, work, work, work, work, work/But you gotta put in work, work, work, work, work, work, work” because this DAP project will give you a step into the real world.

Hey girl, my name is Ishajanek but you can call me Shay I’m sure you’ve either talked to me in the halls, heard me yelling in the halls or heard about me through the grapevine. So I was the team leader of Disc-located and as you guessed my job was crazy, but I don’t want to scare you just yet so reason.You’ve made it here so far, so as your older experienced biomed sister I would like to tell you I know how stressed your going to be for your DAP. Trust me I was once you, I wanted to pull my hair out and scream at my group members because of how important this grade was to me. So my DAP was actually about creating protective gear for roller derby players. My team’s name was Disc-located maybe you can guess what joint we chose. Did you guess the shoulder? If not oh well but yes my group chose to make a shoulder bra protector it means exactly what the device is named. Working on this project has made me learn a lot of things personally and educationally. I  could bore you about how the shoulder joint allows 360° movement, and is one of the most fragile joints in the body. I could tell you how the shoulder is apart of the ball and socket joint which consist of three articulation bones; the humerus , the scapula and the clavicle. That the ball and socket joint allows movement in 3 planes, flexion(the bending of the arm),extension( the straightening of the arm); adduction, and abduction. I could tell you how the way we named our team Disc-located was actually because the shoulder joint can be dislocated by falling directly on the shoulder, or falling with your arms in an extended motion but I won’t. I want to give you some personal advice about the DAP.

  • Don’t stress: your wonderful teacher Mrs.Meisner has provided you with a calendar to keep up with your project.
  • Ask questions: this is the only way you will ever understand exactly what it is you need to do.
  • Choose the perfect group: work with people you know are going to do their part. Students don’t usually listen to their teachers when they say don’t choose to work with your friends but their right work with people who are going to take the project serious. Your grade matters.


Your first year in high school might have been stressful, but you are just beginning! I am Capri and I was the monitor/evaluator of the group disc-located. At first the timeline to the project seemed long, but time goes by faster than you think because our project has just come to an end. Throughout the entire DAP project, I was able to learn a lot about the shoulder joint, for example, I learned that the shoulder joint has three different dislocations, an Anterior Dislocation, Posterior Dislocation and an Inferior Dislocation. I was also able to learn that the ball and socket joint isn’t very strong, which is why a lot of shoulder injuries happen to occur. Personally, I was able to learn that working with a group on a big project like this could be helpful, but also very stressful if everyone isn’t collaborating with each other. My advice to you all is to make sure that you finish things according to when they are do because trust me, it is going to put way more stress on you and your group to not have things done on time. I also encourage you to actually try and don’t slack off in the beginning because it will affect you later on when you will have to present. Just remember, your design might not look the best, but it’s about the effort and the time that you actually put into it.

Capri modeling what the 3D design looks like.
Capri modeling what the 3D design looks like.

I am Jenie, and my role for the DISC-LOCATED team was the completer/finisher. This might not sound like a huge role or it might, but either way it is a good position to be in. Taking part in this role helped me keep up with my team and my work such as completing things and meeting deadlines, and what not. Not only that, but it helped me grow as a person, since I sometimes found myself taking charge once in awhile when my team seemed  to be stuck, for example there were times when we were extremely tired and completely done with life, and just ran out of ideas and didn’t know what the next step to take was,or simply ran out of time (it happens ,be prepared!)  I once took the prototype home and had to work on it at home then this gave a huge advantage when coming in the next class, ready to work on other things.  Working with a team is gonna be difficult sometimes, but will always have amazing results, just learn to patient, COMMUNICATE. I cannot stress this enough, when your team does not have enough communication going on, you’re going to be moving backwards instead of forwards. Always share ideas with each other, nothing is going to be dumb, it could actually bring a great outcome on your final product. Listen to each other,at all times, or you could find yourself clueless, and most importantly find ways to communicate outside of class, just in case things change. It will be stressing, but always work hard, this is not the time where you wanna be sleeping, and slacking off, or leaving things for later, meaning DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!  Always try your best even if you fail try again! Good luck 🙂

In conclusion follow all the steps we gave you and we have to go but pleasssseeeeeee try and do your best no matter how much you hate the project you’ll enjoy it at the end.

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