Letter to Sophomores-Derby Pro

Dear Biomed Sophomores,

We have had a challenging couple of weeks, the DAP is stressful, but you can get through it. We were as scared as much you all probably are, maybe even more, when we started doing the project, but everything will be fine, we promise!

Some quick advice we would give you, would be to use your time wisely, don’t stress out, and breath. Time is precious as soon as the project starts, it may all begin slow, but it will go faster when your are let loose because you know what you are doing already. So, we advise you, to use all the time you are given in class to work on it, and actually work on it, or you would end up having all nighters that you could of not had if you used your time well! Lastly don’t stress out, you will be fine, and you’ll do great! The project is set up to where you get everything done by the presentation, all you have to do is focus and put your effort into everything. The DAP is a major project, but every upperclassmen has do it, and they have all done great, meaning you should have nothing to worry about. The biomed DAP always ends up being the easiest out of the three pathways, believe others are stressed out than most of us. So just breath, and be optimistic, everything will be great, and you will earn your letterman jacket! (Emma Pineda)


Throughout this project we learned a lot of things one of which was problem solving. We learned a lot from this project because we had many problems on our path to our final presentation. When we started building our prototype we found our self having to change many things because they just didn’t work the way that we expected them to. But we never gave up, we always found a way to work as team to solve these problems. As you can see in the picture one of our major problems was that our prototype was to small to fit our team members, but we took this as a learning experience and looked at the things that we had done wrong in this prototype and made improvements to it  and at the end we were able to solve this problem. (Diana Garcia)


I wanted to help you out a little bit, since we didn’t have anyone to help us. These steps will help you achieve your goal of receiving your letterman jacket with a BioMed Patch. First things first, when it comes to beginning your project, make sure you are always on task, because time flies fast next thing you know your presentation is 1 week away. Stay on task and don’t leave anything to the last minute because you have time get it done so you don’t have to worry about it. Next if you need to work on your project don’t be lazy and stay after school to work on it, because it’s gonna kill you when you are staying after at the last minute just to finish it. Lastly make sure when presentation day comes you have practiced with your group for more than just 30min, so that way all your stomach butterflies go away. My moms important advice for all of you is “TRUST YOUR GROUP”, they are going through the same thing as you so try not to kill each other just yet, this will be stressful so when you think you wanna drop out of high school stop, take a breath, and think of how good you will feel when you get to brag to other friends outside of school that colleges all over the world will want you one day. High School does suck, but everyone has to do it eventually so might as well make it fun. Have fun and enjoy your last year of freedom on freshmen year because after that you are gonna wish you were still in middle school. (Erica Guajardo)

ankle 2

(Araceli Rodriguez)

We just wanted to wish you’ll luck next year with your DAP’s. We want yall to remember that this a great learning experience, you’ll will encounter many problems but there will also be great accomplishment. At the end  you will feel really good about all the hard work that you will be putting into it and all of those challenges will just become learning experiences.


                                                                                                               Biomed Juniors

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