Derby Pro- The last Prototype (Erica Guajardo)

Since my last post, my group and I have been working on making our prototype better then ever. We began with two socks sowed together with cotton balls, and for support on the sides we added spoons. Now we changed our prototype completely and used spandex like cloth with padding on the inside for comfort as well as put cardboard on the sides for support on the ankle, and lastly we added elastic on the top of our prototype so the customers can adjust it to there liking’s.

Before:  prototype 1.jpg                  After:    cotton prototype 2.jpg

According to Team USA, roller derby is one of the most rapidly growing sports in the USA,  meaning  that the number of roller derby athletes are joining daily. Which also means that there is much more people to protect on the floor from any big injuries. My group, DerbyPro, is focused on the ankle, which is the most used joint in the sport. The ankle is made of three main articulating bones. tibia, fibula, and talus. Because it’s the most used joint in the sport, it is also the most injured one. When playing derby, the foot is always put in awkward positions, making it more vulnerable to being injured. Some players already wear some sort of protection, but not all, but soon they will with the AnklePro 360.

We plan on making a brace that will protect the players so they can continue to do the sport they enjoy. To do that we will do many test and do many interviews so we can make a product that everyone enjoys. All of our prototypes follow our customer needs because we want the customer to play without having to remember they have protection.


I am very proud of my group because we first started out with a sock and spoons, and now we have made a model that I believe many people would want. I cant wait to see what we come up with next, and see were our product will end up.



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