So far so good -Apolonia V, Orthodocs

So far the Orthodocs team has been making good progress, we have come such a long way. Our prototype is coming together, its made of a thin black fabric that is quite comfortable. We are going to sew a buckle onto it, which will be placed in the center of the brace, and we plan to add 3-d printed molds onto the shoulder area of the brace. This prototype has been the greatest one so far, our last prototype was made out of pins, plastic cups and white polyester elastics.

Our currSnapchat-6923890015247050460ent team direction is to get our prototype done, and to make sure it meets our customer needs. We just had a class presentation which focused on the anatomy of our joint. My group leader Vania talked about how the prototype will help the shoulder’s anatomy. My peer Zaira talked about the most common injuries in the shoulder, and Brenda and me talked about the muscles and bones that make up the shoulder joint. I think that we did a pretty good job in getting our message across, but we just need to focus on our presentation skills such as standing up straight and making eye contact with the audience. But I really liked how we were able to get good and constructive feedback because that way for the real presentation we will know exactly what we need to work on in order for our presentation to be a big hit.

With the presentation we made I was able to learn even more in depth about the shoulder joint. Its crazy how theres alot of information over just one part of your body! Anyways since we needed to break down and focus on certain areas of the shoulder joint I was assigned the bones of the shoulder joint and I was able to learn what each bone was connected to, and what those parts were called. For example, the humerus is connected to the glenoid fossa of the scapula, which is the little cup part that allows the head of the humerus get attached to. There’s also this thing that comes off of the back of the scapula called the acromion and along with the coracoid process (which is a hook like projection) they extend laterally over the shoulder joint.

Overall I think my group and I have been doing a great job. We all get along and everyone in our group does their part. I haven’t had any problems with anyone and everyone has been cooperating well with each other.  We are all good at communicating our thoughts to each other and even though sometimes we can get behind on our work we always end up finishing it. Even though I am nervous and a bit worried about our final presentation and,Im confident that we will finish our prototype and Im confident that our prototype will meet all of our customers needs, and I look forward to finishing this project and presenting our product to everyone.



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  1. This was a very positive post, I liked how you talked about what you need to work on and providing evidence of how you guys are improving for example you talked about our presentations last class. You took in the feedback and you were nothing but appreciative towards the comments which shows a lot about your teams character. It sounds like your team works very well together, I remember your first prototype (I accidentally ripped part of it) and your final prototype looks fantastic! I have you seen you guys grow throughout this whole project, can’t wait to see y’all’s presentation. Sending good vibes. – sarahi v.

  2. This blog post was very informational on what your group has accomplished and what you are still currently working on. I enjoyed how you put you could improve on your presentation skills and why that would be helpful. It was good that you always had good evidence to support your idea. I believe that with what you said you and your group out on the right path and you guys will do well. You all seem to work together and the final product is looking really nice .Good luck can’t wait to see it in use!

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