The Titans Strike Again-Areon Bradford

Our team progress so far is pretty well. We have made really well progress on an actually working prototype. The prototype has been made from a wetsuit, and very easily bendable plastic. Those following materials helped show us some reflection on the actual materials we hope to use in our real final prototype. These following materials included memory foam, polyester spandex blend, and an elastic strap. We also hope to make the plastic parts using 3D printing; this will help us demonstrate the rolly polly effect. The rolly polly effect works by having small rectangles interlocked together eventually matching the total size of both sides of the wrist. The main purpose of the rolly polly effect is to help protect the main wrist bones, and to help prevent any extra unusual movements.

Now looking more into our current team direction we are kind of all over the place. Each individual person is working on a separate thing. Hopefully by the end of the project or at least close to we will be able to come together and finally fit all the pieces together. So far myself I have been working and putting all my efforts into bettering the final prototype. I have also been working alongside Odessa to make sure all measurement, and customer needs are put into place. Of course our final product will not be perfect, but I would really love to think of it as close to it. Just a little heads up, we have switched our customer needs around just a little bit. They now include comfort, product life, shock/impact resistant, and durability. They may not seem changed a whole lot, but ever since our first meeting we have been on the fence about taking out “flexibility” or leaving it. Our decision had finally been made final when we had received some more customer interviews, and most customers never saw flexibility as an important need.

Now our team current direction can be justified based on the research of most common wrist injuries. Just in the world today we were able to find out that the most common wrist injuries include fractures, tendon lesions, and wounds. Going more into detail the specific percentages include 42% for fractures, 29% for tendon lesions, and 12% for wounds. These few numbers may not seem like a lot, but in a real case scenario they are. We have also gone deeper into finding out how each injury can occur. The most common answer we received was based off of people trying to catch themselves when they fall, or because extreme pressure is placed on the two bones in your forearm near the wrist most commonly known as radius, and the ulna.

All in all I really do think my team has made great strides in progress. I see that we are growing together each and every day. The only worries I do have regarding my group would be our time spent. We really don’t do well communicating to each other, so most times assignments seem to be getting down twice. I also am very scared we may not finish in time. Even though we improve each class, I do believe my group could use a little more refocusing

In this photo you can se the two main bones afftected if to come into contact with force.  The ulna and radius
In this photo you can se the two main bones afftected if to come into contact with force. The ulna and radius
The hard plastic on the bottom helps protect injuries, put still causes uncomfort
The hard plastic on the bottom helps protect injuries, put still causes uncomfort

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