Stopping wrist injuries with the use of “Rolly Polly” -Brianna P.

My team, Titans have come a long way from our original design and we are on our way to make a successful design of a wrist protection device; however we have faced a couple of challenges along the way. One of the challenges me and another teammate are currently working on is making sure that the measurements for our 3D printing are exact, and that they are as accurate as can be. As a way to ensure this, we have been making several adjustments to our design on Tinkercad to make sure that the design is not lacking in any areas.


A closer look of our sketch of what my team plans on 3D printing in the Makerspace, we plan on printing what is famously known as the “Rolly Polly” which will be used to allow the Rolly Derby player to move the wrist but be able to play without any discomfort at the same time. My team and I have changed our design numerous times but we wanted to keep the “Rolly Polly” effect on the device because it is something that is different from what it currently available, and based off our research that has been previously conducted (Showing the normal joint range motion between different individuals), we believe that our design is one of the best out there.

As the project continues, my team and I decided it would be much more easier if we split up the work in order to finish multiple different tasks at once. For example, I am currently working on the presentation because I feel like that is what I am better at. Currently, I find it difficult to make a presentation for this specific project due to the fact that I am used to having multiple slides into one presentation however, in this project I am trying to focus more into writing less but explaining more. One of the things I was able to learn from the project was how important it was to use actual evidence while presenting an idea/design in order to fully convince people how beneficial the product you are selling really is.

In conclusion, Titans have gone though many obstacles within a short time period in this project but we have learned to overcome it and not let it define the fate of our design. As a team, Titans will end wrist injuries in Roller Derby by our wrist protection device, Hydra. Much information has been learned while doing this project, but there is a lot more we have to learn in order for us to be successful in the end, and I believe we will.

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