Almost to the end… -Yadira

Hello Reader,

Human Relief has continued to work hard for the time since I’ve last checked in. Currently we are being to shift our focus back on our prototype model, everything has been very hectic lately, with many assignments being due at the same time, so I priorites moved slightly. We had focused on the action plan we would take towards our advertising plan and also conducting further research upon the anatomical structure our model had and how it flowed with the actual anatomy of the ankle, and finally entering our final materials we will be using to make our final prototype.

We can across many problems in all three of this assignments but it gave us a more clear picture in our future/final prototype. Upon the involvement of our advertising plan, which Leyla took the lead in, we were putting on to paper how we would sell or prototype we wanted to highlight the different/special things about our design, this gave us a remind of what we needed to make sure would work on our design in the long run.

Lately I have been working a lot on sketches that would explain how the brace we are making interacts with the ankle joint and its motions. I was having trouble trying to explain how the functions and movement of the ankle and the design interact together on paper. I explain my troubles to Ms. Miesner, our teacher, she gave me further explanations on what would be helpful to have on my sketches so my reader could understand my thinking and also provided transparent paper. With the transparent paper I was able to  outline the bones that make the ankle joint, the ligaments we are interested in providing support, and lastly our design idea. They way the reader could see a better insight on how they both overlap together. I ended up sketching many sketches both on the transparent paper and blank paper show the reader could also see individually each features of the sketches.

Lastly we were also busy concluding our final list of our materials, which are going to be crucial for the ending product. We mostly had problems deciding the what would be our main padding for the calcaneus, we didn’t want to use foam because we knew it would be very bulky and the customer wouldn’t be very pleased with that. We discussed what we should do, in the end we decided to use Polyester Back Liner which is a fabric that has a thin layer of foamy material and also stretched, which provided exactly what we were looking for. Another material we changed was our thread, we decided to use simple common thread instead of thread for upholstery, we ended up deciding the upholstery thread could tear our fabric because it’s very sturdy and if it was tighten it could cause further problems.


In the end I have a pretty good feeling about our progress, in the next classes we will be really focusing on our prototype, and we are really putting a lot of thought into our final product so it comes out as polished as possible. I have a lot of confidence in my team and what we have to bring.

                                                                                                                                      Thanks Yadira  Human Relief Leader



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