Mimicking Sutures and Becoming Business Women – Vania N., OrthoDocs


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Since last having updated on the progress of OrthoDocs, the team has come a long way. At this moment in time there might be many assignments that need to be completed for other classes as well as preparing for any last tests before finals, but our team is still somehow holding ourselves together.

In the last couple of weeks, we have received feedback that has allowed us to innovate our product and consider factors that the device should have, such as a cooling element that allows an athlete’s body to cool down rather than keep any rising body temperature. Having received feedback from our teacher, it made us question certain parts of our device and it made us realize that we forgot to think more about the anatomy. Any person can design anything and say that it can prevent an injury, but not everyone can design a device and be completely sure that the device is 100% effective because of the all the anatomy research they have done to design and innovate their product multiple times. Due to the fact that our team is based in Austin, Texas, it can get really warm during all seasons of the year which means that athletes that participate in outdoor sports can experience high body temperatures. So, OrthoDocs has been trying to find a solution to our problem/ concern that we have for our device, which is how are we going to maintain an almost normal body temperature for the athletes that use our product. A possible solution for maintaining body temperature is using a type of fabric that does not insulate heat, but instead releases it.

A major event that changed and further progressed OrthoDocs in the past few weeks was that we had/have the opportunity to use a sewing machine to put a more solid prototype together. Seeing two of the team members, Brenda and Apolonia, become certified to use the sewing machines to actually being able to use them to put the device together was something was very rewarding because when we first started this project, we didn’t know what our end result will look like. So, being closer to our deadline has made everything more realistic and it’s made our team have better communication skills because of the stress that is starting to emerge.

I’m excited for what is to come and how every team will present their device. This project has been really interesting and something that made many students come out of their comfort zone and made them try new things, as well as researching topics that we might not have been interested in.


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  1. I am proud that you guys are almost done and i cant wait to see your final prototype. My team also shares a similar problem where we forgot about the anatomy I mean I personally was only thinking about how this product would fit on the person not the actual scientific stuff behind it. I also really like your slideshow How did you get your pictures to go like that? I think its pretty cool that you organized the pictures in that order also it helps me follow along with your teams progress. These questions may seem basic since I’m sure you answered these in your first blog post but I haven’t really had the time to go and check out your first post so …Has your prototype changed over time, if so how? How did you guys come up with this idea from the start?
    -Ishajanek O

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