Prototypes and Feedback for The Knee Team- Rinda G

image (2)Last week, the Knee team turned in a first draft of an advertisement that would advertise our design, which we named The KP 360.  We named it the KP 360 because KP stands for Knee Protector, and we don’t want your knee to rotate 360 degrees. while the name seems a little silly, we think it fits our design perfectly. Today, March 28th, we were given the first drafts back, with ways to improve on them. As you can see in the picture to the left, there are pink sticky notes on it written by Ms. Miesner. The notes gave critical feedback, that will definitely help us in the future. Some of the feedback was “Your customer sees the words, but why should they care?” referring to the bullet points of pros that we listed on the paper. While we didn’t make another draft in class today, we definitely will be keeping in mind these critiques as we make the next draft, or the final copy of our advertisement for the KP 360. We also will keep these corrections in mind as we work on other components of the project.

image (1)

Another type of feedback that we got today, was feedback on our most recent prototype of the KP 360. During class, Ms.Miesner was able to ask us questions about our prototype, and she even tried it on and gave us feedback. While the design of the pad was good to her, the three spoons on each side that were supposed to represent rotation ruduction straps, confused her.  Our goal was to prevent roation because when a player falls and their knee rotates, they can end up tearing their ACL, PCL, or their meniscus. She was confused as to how she could still rate her knee when they were supposed to stop rotation. We learned that more work is needed to be done on our prototype, including making roration reducers that actually work, and don’t look like spoons.

You may also notice in the design above that our prototype is still made with scrap materials such as spoons and socks. That is because The Knee team has decided on actual materials to use, but we have not been able to order them yet. For the foam padding, we will be using EVA Foam padding which is breathable, confor table and protective. We choose the padding for those reasons. We will be using poly cotton spandex cloth for the sleeve of the device, because the cloth is soft, keeps sweat oug, breathable, and easy to clean. We wanted to make sure that our customers had the most comfortable, and easy to play in materials and we believe that our next prototype will have the new materials on it and that with the corrections in mind, our prototype will be pretty good. As Ms.Miesner says though, no prototype can ever be fully finished.

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  1. I liked how you describe your flaws and then describe how you’re going to fix your flaws. I also thought it was a good idea to explain your decisions throughout the blog post like when you talk about your name, your materials, and why important to include rotation reduction and Ms. Miesner’s point of view on what you were doing. I hope when you get your materials everything will work out well. Can’t wait to see what y’all’s design looks like in the future!!

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