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For the last couple of weeks my team has been recieving interviews and feedbacks from cutomers. We were able to sit in class and ask two roller derby players Grit and Cristina about the type of gear they wear during a game and practice. During the interview we asked questions about how they protect their shoulder and we recieved a reply that they didnt wear shoulder pads but they did have a way to block and protect ther shoulder, they also learned how to fall so that they didnt damage their shoulder. These last couple of days my team has been focusing on their areas of expertise which include 3D printing and sewing. I took a training on learning how to 3D print, I learned that 3D printers print models in layers and that the first layer is always the most important layer because its the layer that  shapes the rest of the model. I also learned how to operate tinker-cad which is a online program for creating prototypes that are later be used as  3D prints. La

This is a sketch drew by Capri J. This sketch shows our initial design but has changed in various ways.
This is a sketch drew by Capri J. This sketch shows our initial design but has changed in various ways.

yering is done in order for the model to be strong and sturdy and is used until the model is complete. My other group members Jenie and Capri have prior knowledge on sewing so they completed a training  where they gained further understanding on how to stitch, thread the machine and safety guidelines.

Jenie and Capri have helped me understand that its better to always do double stitching so that way your material doesn’t fall apart. Since I didn’t participate in the sewing training Im not properly educated on how sewing works so I’ve come up with a series of questions I would liked answer. Does it matter what type of material you use for sewing? Can you sew any type of clothing materials thats not cotton? How do you keep the design smooth and neat as you sew? These are questions I hope to have my gro

This is an sample advertisement created by Capri J.
This is an sample advertisement created by Capri J.

up members answered by the time we begin sewing.

The photo below shows our 2nd design of the SDP this design consist of a hard outer shell made out of carbon fiber used for a shield that goes over the bra, and a soft inner shell which is made of poly-cotton blend padding to protect the boobs. The shoulder pads will be made of hard plastic to cover the shoulder joint and then a mesh material to allow room for air . Since it is common for shoulder pads to include padding on the biceps, sternum, and ribs all are key areas that will be impacted when tackled. My team and I are researching more into the anatomy of how protective gear protects bones and muscles.One problem my group has had is actually focusing on protecting the shoulder joint we’ve been trying to also find ways to protect the chest and back areas that there was no real work put into protecting the shoulder. So our main goal this week of 3/30/16 is to have a prototype of the shoulder brace completed. We would like to have a design that allows the shoulder cup to rotate and be able to do its everyday movements.

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