RunnerPro- Diamond Perez

Since my last blog post, my group has been working hard during and outside of class to finish our prototype. This six weeks we got assigned to start our prototype nd further it along. As a team we wanted to make our prototype as best as possible to meet all of our customers needs. These customer needs included being durable, adjustable,  and comfortable.

Our first prototype worn by Haley. Taken by Dimanique

My team had lots of ideas when it came to the prototype, however with all of our trial and errors we realized not all of them were very effective. Meeting the needs was hard especially with comfortable because we had limited amount of materials available. We knew from the beginning what materials we needed to complete our prototype but with the limited materials we had to compromise and figure out a way to use what we had.


Our teams model was Haley and putting on our prototype was hard. We realized that certain material didn’t work and that we had to make it adjustable for all people’s size. While putting it on Haley many times we had things fall and break off and from this we took it in and used it to better our prototype for the shark tank day. Our overall materials that we used was cotton balls for comfort, elastic for adjustability, a sock for our overall prototype, safety pins to put things together, and popsicle sticks and duct tape for our hinges. We faced many challenges with our prototype but overall we did well.

After we finished our prototype we had a session where we recorded multiple people in our class try on and play around with our prototype. We as well had them ask questions about the prototype that was unclear. Here we realized what we needed to work on when starting our next prototype. The thing that came up often was having it fit better and it be more comfortable, so those are the tops things we are focused on.


Lately in class we have been working on our prototype number 2 and we have also taken classes on 3D printing and sewing. Sewing has helped us to put things together and it be more durable than safety pins. Our biggest challenge right now is figuring out what we could use for our hinges and they work properly to secure the knee and have stability. Overall our prototype is coming along very well and we can’t wait to finish it and see how well it works.

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