Regrets and Decisions – Jackie G

Save-a- Joint is in the process of finishing our second/third prototype. The title seems a bit harsh but I assure you that nothing here is regrettable to the extreme. We started to build our second/third prototype which means we’re getting closer to actually making our final product.

Our first prototype we created had most of the customer needs that we made with our

Paola Escobedo is sewing hand-made cotton ball padding to our prototype.

customer matrix. We tried to combine the material that were provided by Ms. Miesner which were a sock, 7 cotton balls, a roll of elastic bands, 5 plastic spoons, and a piece of cloth in a shape of a circle.



When we started to build our prototype, we had an idea of what materials we were going to use, such as high density foam for the padding, placing spandex around the padding, and fitting polyester/coolmax fiber for the layer beneath the padding. We still have to decide as a group what the size measurements we are going to use for fitting and where the placement of the padding will go. The picture on the side is one of the idea’s we had on the placement of the padding. When roller derby players are in the rink, the players are supposed to push their way through the opponent’s team trying to let their “jammer” through. According to WebMD, An acute injury is caused by a direct blow, penetrating injury or by falling or by twisting, jerking, jamming or bending an elbow abnormally. Elbows, forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers are the most affected body areas. The Ulnar Collateral Ligaments tear and Lateral Epicondylitis, also known as Tennis Elbow are a few injuries that are common when falling on the elbow or overusing the joint muscle. Looking at diagrams and looking up information for these ligaments and tendons, it is important to protect them while wearing an elbow pad.

Half of our team, Paola Escobedo and Stephanie Labrado tested to be certified to use the sewing machine, while Jennifer Molina and I tested to be certified 3D printer users. We haven’t been able to use the printers yet because we need to have a certain design and we all have to be on board with it. But that will be for a later design, for right now we are close to done with our second/third prototype and we’ll be ready. So far our group has been working together with figuring out the materials needed to build the final design to our prototype and so far we only need one last material until we can order everything.


This elbow pad is similar to the one we are building. We are currently looking at the different padding that elbow pads have that help protect the derby athletes.

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  1. Jackie, I think that your team had made great progress having started with items that needed quite some creativity and now being at the point that your team is at. You can maybe 3D print a hard-curved surface that could be placed at the patella or around the supporting tissue of the patella. Good job!

  2. Your progress with the product seems to be going very well, and it looks like your final product will be successful at the end. The information that you included in this post helped get a better picture of what you are trying to prevent with your device, making your device also look more promising. Great job to you and your group, can’t wait to see your final design! -Emma Pineda

  3. Good Job on your Prototype, I remember were you first started and now it looks very nice. Im glad you gave us more information about how you plan on making you r prototype, it really helped. Glad you and your group are working hard cant wait to see how it turns out. -Erica Guajardo

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