Runner Pro- Dimanique Henderson

Since my last post, our group is still progressing and making strides to get to our final result. We are still making a prototype to protect different types of knee injuries for female track runners.

So far, our group is accomplishing tasks that will soon lead us to our final prototype that seems so far away but is coming up soon. We’ve completed one prototype that was taken from us so we’d be force to start another one and filter out more ideas within out group. Having to start over with a new prototype was difficult because there are limited materials and also because we have so many thoughts as a team but don’t know how to follow through with our ideas and make them real.

Last class we were working on our customer needs and wondering how we would tests these needs. We had a few troubles figuring out different tests like how to test the degree of motion for example. While in this process of this, we did some research and it was very useful. We are testing the degree of motion because with our device, we want to protect the knee from having side to side, irregular motions and to do this we need a brace that supports this issue. So to test the degree of motion, we would use a tool called the electrogoniometer. According to LiveStrong, A lot if functional activities require 0 to 117 degrees of motion at your knee and walking requires complete knee extension at heel strike. Knowing this information is helpful for us since the irregular movements of the knee is one of our key points and in which we are trying to prevent with our device.

Our group had a very good idea when it came to thinking about testing the durability of our device. We decided we would wash our prototype about three time to determine if it could withstand cycle after cycle. I thought this was clever because it’s a very simple task but a very smart idea.

RunnerPro is slowly but surely making good progress and soon we will be building our final device in which I hope turns on very successful.

Viviana, Haley, and Diamond working on sewing pieces of cloth Photo by: Dimanique
Drawing outlines on our cloth                       Photo by: Dimanique 

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