Transformation of the Titans- Roberta S.

During this particular time in my project I and my teammates are focused on working our prototypes in preparations for design and put our final product together. As of now we have one prototype finished with very basic materials and we are currently working on our second prototype planning to have a more detailed design. Our first design consisted of materials such as a black sock, an extra sew in pocket, staples (to bind the material together), cut plastic cups, tape (to connect the plastic cups with the sock), and an elastic band. The biggest feature that our design has is it’s pillbug (or roly-poly) effect which will allow our customers to be able to have more comfort and flexibility in their wrist but they still have a restricted range of motion. The pillbug the physical structure of the pill bug is similar to plates of metal that have been stacked on top of each other.

We have also all went into training sessions to gain specific skills (sewing and 3D printing), half of my group including were training for the sewing skill while the other half of my group were training for the 3D printing skill. Before the training started we were educated about the machines and the components that made up the machines. We even had to take exams testing our knowledge about our skill specific tools. During my sewing training I physically learned how to use a sewing machine and the most challenging part of the training was loading the bobbin located below the needle. I was successful at my sewing training and was able to sew a pattern through a piece.


During one of our class days two members of the women’s roller derby team had a whole class discussion with us . We were able to ask them about their experiences as a roller derby player, with protection devices, and what they were seeking in new protection devices. As a result of being a part of the discussion I was able to gain feedback on what they would want to change about current protection and how their wrist joint is impacted. The also educated us on how the physical structure of the wrist protection looks like and my group was informed that there is a curve right below the thumb that shapes your hand so that that is bending slightly backwards. We will need to incorporate that into our design in some way while still keeping the pillbug design. This period in time has brought the most room for improvement concerning the physical structure of our design.


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  1. Roberta, I think you did a great job with this blog post! You described really well what your first prototype was like, and I liked that! I really liked how you described and explained what you did during the sewing training, I did the 3D training, so it was cool to see what you did during the sewing training! It’s really cool and useful how you inserted a picture of the impact of a wrist, and I am guessing that the Rolly Polly affect will help not have the impact be as hard. One thing I will mention that you should have to make things more clear, is descriptions of the pictures, what is happening in the picture, so people can fully understand them! Other than not having descriptions of the pictures, you did really good on this post! Great job! – Rinda G.

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