Nice and Cozy- Eleanor B.

This week in biomed my team and I focused on the construction and development of our product prototype. We discussed customer needs and materials to use, as well as how we are going to make the prototype.

The material we are using is similar to that of a “Dri-FIT” material. We chose this because it has the desired stretch, compression, and ventilation that we want in our product. “Dri-FIT” is used mostly for shirts or shorts by Nike in their athletic wear. This material is particularly helpful in reducing sweat and increased cooling while active. The only concern with this material is possible chafing and rubbing in the crease of the elbow. We are planning on solving this problem with a hole in the sleeve where the elbow is, to help prevent this discomfort.

Black Nike Dri-FIT shirt*

* [Black Nike Dri-FIT shirt]. (n.d.). Retrieved from

       Another element of our design that we evaluated this week was the elbow padding for impact reduction and support. We are looking into a NU-Foam pad insert that can be put in and removed from a pocket on the elbow of our sleeve. This particular material is mildew resistant, beneficial due to sweat, and does not disintegrate over time like most padding. The only obstacle with this material is that it compresses over time, creating a less thick boundary. This can be solved through selling insert replacements for the sleeve. 

NU-Foam found at Hancock Fabrics

This week we have been able to advance our prototype by beginning to actually sew it together, increasing the functionality and accuracy of the prototype. In order to do this, 3 of our 4 team members, including myself, were trained in how to use a sewing machine. This process was simple enough, and is now a very valuable asset to the improvement of our prototype. We have begun by sewing the pocket for the foam insert, and plan to sew the sleeve together next class.


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  1. I like that you have a have good knowledge on the materials that you would like to use for your device. You also post very good statements (backed with evidence) as to why you want to choose that specific material. I really liked that you wanted to include NU-Foam as you padding because based on your claims it seems like it is a very good padding that would fit most of the general costumer needs. I believe your team is off to a good start in terms of design and planning. ~Roberta S.

  2. I really like how you explained what materials you were going to use and you seemed to have a good justification for why you choose to use dri-fit materials. I also really like the research you did about the padding and how it works for you particular brace. I think making the padding removable is a really good idea, and selling replacement inserts is very well thought out. I also like how you already have future goals in place. -Haley L.

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