So far So good- Anabel Perez

Our team is currently doing very well in the project. We are up to date on our customer interviews, besides a few minor errors in our recorded data. We have seen how others work with our prototype by video recording them looking at and trying on our product. So far we have yet to come up with a list of anticipated materials for our product. I am not worried about this because I am confident that my group will get it done in a timely manner. We also need to find a good 3D printable version of a circular hinge. We have already found one good one but we are
going to keep looking just in case there is anything better.

We are doing what we’re doing because

screenshot for post
A screenshot taken from a recording of a student trying the prototype on

e we have to. We are not scrambling to finish things because we are already at a good pace. We should finish everything in good time because we are working well together. Although our due date for a list of materials is coming up soon we have everything under control and just need to compile a suitable list to turn in. We are spending a little bit extra time on the prototype because it is considered the most important aspect of the proposal. It is a visual and tactile representation of the pitch and must look and function the way it’s supposed to so that we don’t have to worry about it for the


Elbow/Knee joint made by @nathanallen1 on thingsiverse


The whole group has been certified in sewing and 3D printing. This is guaranteed to help us in the building of our final model. We concluded that we need a circular hinge joint that lays flat and thin to accommodate to the type of movement we want our product to make. We have also looked at padding and fastening tools, and chose to stay with gel grips and airy foam. This will help provide comfort for the customer. Based on our interviews, we chose a good market to focus on. Almost all runners and athletes are very invested in the well being of
their joints, especially because they need their knees for running.

Overall, I am still feeling good about this project. I feel like we will end in good time without rushing too much over the large aspects of our project. Although we still have small kinks to work out, I am confident that we will end on a good note.

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  1. First to say, I like how you mentioned the flaws of your project so far. You mentioning your flaws really shows how you guys are progressing and trying really hard on the project. I have to say reading the beginning of your progress, I could tell that you seem pretty confident that your team will succeed and finish. Don’t you think you’ll struggle during future developments? Also, I like how you mentioned sewing and the 3D printer and your future plans like materials, it really shows that you guys are in top of the game. Finally I liked how you took the interviews into consideration for your prototype, I could tell that you care what the users think about your
    -Viviana Jaimes

  2. This was overall a really well spoken and well developed blog post. It covered several topics involved with your project and all your claims were well supported. The recognition of your prototype’s flaws showed a lot of maturity and willingness to grow. Could you maybe expand more on how your knowledge of 3D printing and sewing will help in the development of your prototype? Also, what is the market you chose based on your customer interviews? I really liked your explanation of why the prototype is so valuable to the proposal. This was a great reminder of why we are all working so hard! Good job!
    -Eleanor Bailey

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