Let’s get to Building! -Mariana M.


From making prototypes to watching people figure out how our device works to finding the flaws our device contains. This couple days have been pretty interesting we have been having build work time in class to innovate our prototype. As the due date gets closer, the tension increases.

In the past classes we’ve learned about the 3D printing and sewing. These new skills will help us innovate our prototype and allow it meet our customer needs. I worked with the sewing machine, and let me tell you it’s not as easy as it seems. You have to have control on the pedal, know how to wind a bobbin and thread your needle and so much more. It was so much fun even if I did struggle a bit.

"Customers" Interacting with our prototype. Photo taken by Mariana.
“Customers” Interacting with our prototype. Photo taken by Mariana.
Photo taken by Mariana

Besides learning new skills, we’ve also received feedback from our classmates on our prototype. This is how it went down, since I’m the group leader I got to see to our “customers” or classmates interact with the device. We did rotations and in the first three minutes I could not talk to the “customers” and it was pretty amusing watching them figure out our device and there comments were very helpful too. They helped me conclude that we need to make sure the device does not become bulky and still provides compression and protection on the joint. According to the Huffington Post, compression causes mechanical pressure to the body, compressing and helping support underlying tissue. Not only that but speeds recovery. One thing that I noticed during this activity was that we all have different size arms and having a universal size might be something we change, for example when Shana wore the sleeve it fit her very loose meanwhile when Annabel wore it, it fit her well. Some of the good feedback we received was that it was comfortable and easy to put on and remove. Besides that I really liked how they were honest and not afraid to ask me questions.

Basically our device is a brace and a sleeve combined because it will contain the compression of a sleeve but the padding of a brace. This is a two in ONE !!!! Sports Medicine mentioned that they help prevent further damage on an existing injury. I can’t wait to see how prototype turns out.



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  1. I really enjoyed reading your update on your team because of the little humor such as the sewing experience and (I totally agree with you, the sewing preparation was challenging!). I liked your use of the “Huffington Post” article evidence as to why compression on the joint helps the person heal. I never really realized that compression could actually heal an injury better/ prevent an injury which is very useful because my team has been talking about using compression around the shoulders for protection but were unsure if this will restrict movement. The universal size may also be a problem that both our teams need to change as well since people have different physical attributes that cause a gear to fit differently around their body. Overall, I enjoyed reading your blog post and your really helped me feel better that other teams are also facing challenges in their prototype.
    -Brenda Vazquez
    March 4th, 2016

  2. I really liked your post, now I chose to do 3D printing instead of sowing but it was interesting to watch everyone complete that task. Making sure that our device is not too bulky is also something we have to take into consideration and I never imagined it would be this difficult if I’m being honest. Another thing I could relate to was the universal sizing, we are planning to make it adjustable in order for it to be effective for a larger amount of people but measurements are something we really had to think about. Overall I really liked reading you blog post it was entertaining and it helped m e see that we aren’t the only ones struggling with certain things. Great job!
    -Zaira Ruelas

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