A Banker May Have Lost His Interest in Financing, but the Businesswoman Only Gained It. – Emily G.

In the past week, I have been dreading the unforgettable blog post. What would I write for it? How would I be subtly snarky and clever as I always am in my writing? Which specific forgettable instances would I comment on this time? In the midst of this frazzled thinking, I decided to look up creative blog post ideas. I came across an article on Mary Demuth, listing 30 creative ideas for this writing. I have decided to try out a few from here, and a few from Enchanted Marketing in an attempt to creatively organize an essential brain dump for my blog post.

Idea #1: An Animoto to Broadcast Photos of My Work

This idea was actually much more difficult than I had originally planned on it being. The original idea was to create a simple animoto that would showcase picture evidence of my work in class, however, the hardest part of this was the mere fact that I am a perfectionist. I spent about an hour searching for the best theme (as I did with jammer joints), and then another 20 minutes trying to figure out how to best edit the pictures in the actually animation. Then, I struggled with trying to embed the actual video, however after about 20 more minutes I came to the brilliant idea of googling the technology to embed this, and after finding the answer, my final product was ready.

Idea #2: Use a Quote to Inspire Some Writing

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” – Yogi Berra

I found this idea very intriguing, because often we as humans are inspired by others thoughts. When I came across this quote, I thought it went extremely  well with the ideas I have been entertaining for this past semester. Back in December when Ms. Miesner offered me the opportunity to lead my class’ company, I had no idea what saying yes would do, but I knew it would take me somewhere. It seems I have always tried to stay on the road most taken, however as I’ve gone into high school and explored more, I’ve found that taking risks is a fun activity. I honestly had no clue that my project would entail keeping tabs on each group and their progress, writing a full fledged business plan, creating surveys for my employees (previously classmates), writing and asking favors from random strangers, creating a website, and so much more, however I have come to love what I am doing. Although learning how to sew seems obsolete to me now, having the skill and ideology of being just as up to date as those your work with and care for has impacted me daily, as well as other skills I have gained such as writing formal emails, deciphering coding, and even networking myself for the greater good of people I work with. Taking the fork in the road has been a great decision for me, and knowing that sometimes risks pay off, it has encouraged me to try more things.

Idea #3: Compare Cooking with How You’re Running Things

This is by far my favorite idea. I have an innate ability to cook, and I have since I was little. Cooking has always helped me better grasp concepts such as math and science, when I can see how they’re used in everyday life. Comparing cooking to how I’m running things is a great usage of literary devices that can really help me explain what I have accomplished, or what I’m hoping to accomplish. Below you will find the my favorite recipe in the whole world.

jammer joints recipe

I found this recipe for chicken alfredo on Pinterest when I was younger, and it’s the perfect recipe to compare our company to.

Company Ingredients:

2 Different entities working together – Business Plan and Production Managers, both seasoned with different skills and aspects to their entities

2 Different perspectives on the project – Class and Teacher

Substitute 6 teams for 8 – This is a slightly smaller version of the recipe

2 Different clients offered help – Medusa Skates and Texas Roller Girls

2 Different skill sets – 3D Printing and Sewing

2 Different approaches to design – Anatomical and Aesthetics

1 Whole company – Jammer Joints

1/4 Participation in class surveys – Regarding style and organization of product line

1 Whole class participation (substituting 1/4)

Once you have each of these ingredients, you heat them up, make them talk to each other, make sense with each other, mix and mingle them together, and in the end you come out with a gorgeous plate of success. I think in the past few weeks I have been the chef of my own dish, trying to combine each of these ingredients into a product that will satisfy not just me, but my employees and boss as well. It is extremely gratifying to see the amount of work that each person puts in to the greater whole of the company, and all the work that they put in, in turn helps me in completing my greater goals. I do believe that Jammer joints as a whole have been working together extremely well, and create a sense of reflectiveness that I can only describe as beautiful. With my hard work impacting theirs, and vice versa, I believe that we each have played a part in each others success, and that’s amazing.

I have written this blog post today to reflect upon my journey in a positive, creative way. In short, I can reflect that I am working harder than I ever have before on multiple elements of a project: the website, the wordpress, the clients, the business plan, the craftsman skills, the networking skills, etc. Taking on the risk of a completely different project from that of anyone else in my whole grade was a huge risk, but it’s one that is paying off every single day as we near closer and closer to the deadline. I strive to add my own personal touch to everything I do, and that was the intent of this post. I have worked extremely hard in these past few weeks, and I am so proud to call myself a part of the Jammer Joints company.


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