The Start of the Prototype – Viviana J.

The start of the new six weeks have been quite interesting. We have been assigned to create our own prototype with only limited materials. My team, RunnerPro are working with the knee joint. We want a device that is effective, durable and comfortable for the user. I was really looking forward to making the prototype but when it came to actually doing it, it was so frustrating. It was hard trying to make it feel comfortable while trying to make it effective. Another reason why it was so difficult for me to create a model was trying to make the prototype go on the knee without having any struggles.

Viviana (me) building a prototype. Photo By: Haley L.

Our human model for wearing the prototype was Haley. L, who is our team leader. It was hard trying to put it on her and take it off with out having complications (the prototype coming apart). Materials used to make our prototype was socks, elastic, padding (cotton balls), and lots of safety pins. To help limit the stress of having to make our prototype fall apart over and over was that we decided to use a lot of safety pins to keep it together. We also decided to find a way to put on the prototype without having it slide through the foot all the way up to the knee.

By facing our challenges our prototype turned out not perfect but a good start and hopefully done with our first prototype we can learn from our mistakes and create a better prototype in a short matter of time.

Haley L. wearing prototype. Photo By: Dimanique H.

Before even starting with our prototype, our class took a field trip across the street to the Hancock Fabric Store. There we learned about many types of materials that could be potential options when creating our real model/device. Other materials that we saw and couldn’t use was the wool. We don’t plan on using wool in our model because of the feel and how wool will affect the user (ventilation). When looking at the different fabrics/materials we really payed close attention of what we should include, was what could be candidates also what we should not include.

Elastic from Hancock Fabrics. Photo By: Viviana J.

We definitely are going to use foam and elastic because the foam (fiber foam) was absorb the shock and also elastic is way better than Velcro because it is said that Velcro irritates the skin.

Getting further in the project our team was split into two groups, one group being in charge of designing the device and the other group creating the device. Group one was to learn about sewing while the other was to learn about 3D printers. I was in the group the was in charge of learning about the 3D program. Dimanique was also in the same group as me and together we learned and trained about the basics of using the 3D on the computer. I had a difficult time getting used to this whole new subject because I had no connection with this subject what so ever, for example, what was in the printer and what I to do with it and to make sure that I make no mistakes. I had to learn so much that it got overwhelming. After awhile of studying about the 3D printers, I eventually had gotten used to this whole new idea. To have a better understanding me and my partner, Dimanique went to the makerspace class to learn more about the Ultimaker and the Taz 4. I found quite relieved to have a physical learning experience. I saw how the Ultimaker looked like in real life, I also saw where things were and what they did, mainly it just made my time spent there useful. Hopefully the more knowledge I gained through my experience will help my team create an effective prototype.


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  1. Hi Viviana!
    Your blog post was really well put together. I sometimes feel like my blog posts are choppy and unorganized, whereas yours flowed really nicely and it showed me that I have some room for improvement. I must say your brace looks very professional, but it appears to have a hole where Haley’s patella fits and I was wondering how it will protect her? I’m interested to know. Other than that, you seem to be well on your way to great success, good luck on your future endeavors.

  2. Good Job Vivi!! I really liked how you had a voice in your blogpost and how you described the reasons why or why you weren’t going to use a material. It was also refreshing to read about your struggles with prototyping since my group was also struggling with the same problem. I also liked learning about the your 3D printing experience and you nice pictures. -Priscilla O, Human Relief.

  3. Hi Viviana!
    I think your blog post was really well put together! Sometimes I feel like my own blog posts are choppy and disorganized, but yours flowed really nicely. It proved to me that there is always room for improvement (on my part). Your prototype looks very professional, but it appears that Haley’s patella fits into a hole, and I was wondering how you plan on protecting that. I am interested in finding out. Other than, you seem to be well on your way to success, and I wish you luck in your future endeavors.
    -Lily Yepez

  4. Vivi your blog post was really engaging, the words chosen was sounded so simple yet sophisticated. I like how you admit that your team knows that they need improvements. I think that help in making the prototype better. Your team seems to be at a good progress rate, and you guys are able to overcome any obstacle. The knee pad seems comfortable, and protective because your team took a lot into consideration. But is there any type of hard padding in the knee pad?
    -Stephanie, Save-A-Joint

  5. I liked how honest you were with your concerns with the prototype. I can tell that you are learning through the trials and errors of the prototype. You did a good job explaining how the trip to the fabric store was beneficial to your understanding of your materials. I feel similarly about the 3D printing, but I can tell that you are making advancements. -Emmaline, Joint Protection Project

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