Customers need Comfy – AACS (Annabel M., Anabel P,. Cynthia R., Savannah P.,)

AACS has been working hard to meet our deadlines. We are up to date on our prototype and certifications for sewing and 3D printing. Something we need to solidify is our customer needs interviews. So far, we have many teenagers who participate in rigorous and adult recreational joggers. Since our team wants the product to be useful to the

Shelf of fabric at Hancock Fabric

majority of the population, it has been noted that we need more customers that are male along with a few more adults in general. While these interviews have been in the back of our minds, we have been preparing to build our prototype. To prepare for building our prototype, the group has been learning how to sew and 3D-Print. As far as materials for our product goes, we have gone on field trips to fabric shops and hardware stores. This trip helped us know more about fabrics, padding, thread, and fasteners. In addition to building a prototype, we have also presented our idea in a shark-tank style. This helped us to get a sense of what it looks like to effectively present a product in a set amount of time. After the Shark-Tank experience the team was a bit confused because some wrong information was given about our device (saying that we would use foam as support) which was not yet decided, but after discussing it we

Protective knee pads sold at a hardware store

concluded that using foam would actually work in our design.

We are doing what we’re doing because we just now realized how close our ultimate deadline is. We were informed that, even though it seems like we have a long time before the project is due, we really don’t. Although we have been doing a fairly good job at meeting our deadlines, now is the time to make sure everything is done and where it needs to be. It is also easy to finish the product and be ready to present without actually becoming familiar with the content. AACS is working to communicate and make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the development of our product and research.

We have done extensive research to see what materials we want to use for our prototype. After going to the fabric shop and conducting several customer interviews we have concluded that we need a dry, stretchy, cool material to accommodate to the customer needs matrix. Today it is known as “dri-fit” material. AACS hopes to build on this innovation by using it to keep the customer comfortable all day while wearing the product. The group has considered spandex due to its stretchy fit and slick texture. We have decided to stay away from thick or plastic-y materials such as nylon, flannel, and denim. Fasteners, straps, and grips are all to be determined when we further research previous designs.

Overall AACS has potential to see this project to the finish. Through this project we have communicated like a team should be which gives us a strong chance at a successful pitch.

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