Disc Located – Capri J.

I’m the Monitor/Evaluator for the group Disc-Located and I’m proud to say that our group has made a lot of progress! It all started off with picking a joint and building an actual model of it. Our group is focused on the shoulder to prevent injuries such as dislocation, separation, fractures, and sprains. Our audience is members of roller derby and people with shoulder problems over all. In roller derby, the sport consist of a lot of force added to the body to get passed an opponent to get points. While researching, we noticed that most roller derby players play without shoulder protection and mostly things like hand, elbow and knee protection (as shown on the image below). To prevent women from getting seriously injured in this aggressive sport, we are going to make a device that will be comfortable, adjustable, will have ventilation, hinged for mobility, and protects the shoulder, chest and back all together (Area of Protection). At first, we decided to make a tank top that will having padding attached to the chest/back and shoulder areas. We wanted to make sure that if a hard force is applied to the chest, back and shoulder that the padding will be hard enough to cause the least amount of damage as possible. We wanted the clothing material to be mad out of Lycra

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