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My team company is Derby Pro and we are in charge of protecting the ankle joint. Our job is to make and protective device that will do it’s work which is to protect the ankle joint while playing roller derby.

At this moment we are trying to put some of the materials that we will be using to create our protective device. This ankle brace should allow a 360 degree movement and it should also be comfortable for the roller derby player to play. Recently we had a small trip to a fabric store where we found many things that we could use for our device. We things such as laces, fabric, cushions, Velcro, and many more. We basically found everything we needed for our device which is great! At this moment we want to have at least something we could work out of to get us started on how we want our product to look like.

We have had many difficulties like our design that we drew out was not going as we had planned it. Our mind set was on how good and perfect of a product we would make but we did not think about failure and that we would have to remake our product. So some things don’t turn out to be the way we planned them to. We also didn’t plan how we would stick things together. For example, what is something that could be used to male cotton balls stick to a sock.

As I mentioned before, my team and I made 3 designs/sketches of how we wanted our product to look like. Based on the research we have made, sprained and broken ankles are very common in roller derby due to the nature of the sport such as twisting and excessive turning of the ankle joint itself while traveling on wheels at great speeds. According to McKay, he noticed that 55% of individuals who suffered an ankle sprain and then didn’t seek further treatment, the ankle had a decreased chance of the ankle ligaments healing properly. With this problem we have planned to make a new and improved ankle brace that actually protects your ankle from getting it sprained or broken. Which in this case we have chosen the sketch that is shown below. 

So far I think that my team members and I have been making good progress with having at least something to work with. With many difficulties we keep trying and finding out new ways to do certain things. I am proud of my team and can’t wait to see how presentations and product end up looking like!





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  1. I like how you put the motions the ankle moves in it gives the reader a clear vision on how the ankle moves and how your device will interact with those motions. Also the reference you made I feel like it fit the injury you are trying to prevent from occurring which was nice. Your team seems to be very knowledgeable about the ankle and aware of the failures your device could potentially take. Great job! – Yadira (Human Relief)

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