Class Research – Keira

Our group name is The Knee Team, and our goal as a group is to  create a device that will protect the knee joint and fits all of the customer needs. Prior to today the group has been fulfilling in the building and putting together of our model. The thing that I think the group needs to work on is constructive collaboration. I say that because we all have great ideas and or thoughts on the device and its attributes, we just aren’t able to put them together constructively. Other than that, the group is very stable.

While researching our joint model design, finding a device already on the market, that is/ was meant to protect the knee joint. Succeeding in wearing this device for a day I found that the device was not aesthetically pleasing, uncomfortable, harmful, and really didn’t protect the top f the knee. The device also wasn’t very adjustable, it was either to loose or too tight.It also left the knee very exposed when bent. The bright side of the device is that the material seems durable and it looked very uniform. In the picture below you will see me with the device on.

bio med pic

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  1. I really liked how you thoroughly described why the typical knee brace design was not all that great, really helps your group know what to fix so your own design can be more effective.

  2. I like how you gave a background on why you were wearing the device, shown in the picture of you wearing it. Also I like how you described your experience while wearing the device you ordered. I feel like the descriptions you made while wearing the devices gives you a clear picture on what you need to accomplish in your device. Hopefully it turns out good! – Yadira (Human Relief)

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