AACS – Cynthia Rodriguez


Our team is AACS and our goal is to create a knee brace that’s going to be effective and actually work. Last class we took a short trip to the fabric store to see and gather ideas about what materials we could use to make our knee brace. There were things ranging from fabric to ribbon to buckles and many other things. We found many types of fabrics which we thought could be very helpful and would benefit what we’re trying to accomplish. Not only did seeing and feeling the fabrics help with decision making but just also overall exploring and feeling different materials.

After doing some research on the materials in a typical knee brace design we discovered some materials we could alternate to make the knee brace more comfortable and easier to use. Although there are many materials we can’t change because they already are the best at what they’re on the brace for, there are many we could improve.

This class period we started building with minimal materials and we did better than I expected. We were able to improvise and it really showed how our creativity came together as a team and were able to create something from scratch and look like it could actually work. Although the pressure that we wanted to be on the knee brace wasn’t really there. This just helps us concentrate on what we really need to figure out and what parts we already have a set idea on how we’re going to build.

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