The Titans In Action!- Areon Bradford

Our team the titans have made great progress this far. We are now heading in the direction of researching and finding all possible information on the wrist joint. So far we as a whole team know that the wrist joint is made up of 8 articulating bones and is a condiloid joint type. The main type of bones included are the carpals, ulna, radius and metacarpals which work altogether as a whole to provide total wrist movement and mobility. Capture

We have also started thinking of possible materials we could possible use such as nylon, Velcro, and polyethylene. We have selected these very few materials because of the ability of them to all work together and form to the persons wrist helping keep the wrist secure, but also not bother the person with day to day activities. According to the women’s flat track derby association out of 1070 respondents 574 roller derby players had received a hand or wrist injury that kept them from playing on more than one occasion. These very injuries included either sprains, fractures, and or strains.

We as a group feel that wrist injuries have always been overlooked as a whole but are very important because too much damage to the wrist can cause later traumatizing experiences. We have also just finished typing and contributing to a primary design proposal were we have put all of our research and findings into one document. The document made helped transfer all our personal thoughts on a design into one place

Capturewhere we were able to see what would stick and what possible changes needed to be made. The design proposal as a whole I believe we did great on, and helped provide each team member with a personal responsibility of one page. We all contributed correctly and helped each other with any problems that arose. The only negative comment I would have for my group would be about timeliness. We have this idea in out heads where we will finish an assignment the exact second it is due. If my group can focus a little more, and complete task a little ahead of the time it is due, then we will be unstoppable. We already have great team work, just adding these few little adjustments will help make us even better! Our group has come so far in such little time that I’m so impressed and I can’t wait to see what happens next. 🙂

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