The Titans- Roberta S.

During this particular period in time our team was given the task to create a design proposal. Our team is called The Titans which stands for Teamwork, Innovative, Truthful, Affirmative, and Noble. Our task is to create a device that protects the wrist joint, which is made of eight carpels. The Radius is connected with the carpels as well as the Ulna and metacarpals. One of the more serious wrist injuries is carpal dislocation.

Image result for Carpal dislocation Image result for Wrist bones


The main mission that we wish to accomplish is to not only raise more awareness about the dangers of writ injuries but to also create a sustainable product that will prevent occurring wrist injuries from happening. As our team’s shaper and solver I had the biggest responsibility of making sure the blog post was acceptable before it was submitted. The team’s design proposal was overall acceptable and professional with little to no errors. We all worked diligently to make sure that the design proposal was exemplary and was one that consumers and investors will take interest in. My team was very successful on researching the important components on the wrist as well as the types of injuries that the wrist could get if the wrist is not fully protected. We are now able to have more professional conversations that pertain to our project and we frequently remind ourselves if we are off task. Our team’s design idea will be based off of the physical structure of a roly poly,specifically off of it’s outer shell and the way it moves. Because the wrist can not have a wide range of motion a person plays a sport as rigorous as roller derby, our team plans to make that design that will provide more range of motion than what existent wrist protection devices have to offer. We will incorporate the ideas we gained from the structure of the roly poly on the top and bottom sides of our protection device, providing comfort and protection. The design will also include things such as the Velcro strap so that the device will be fitting on the consumer’s arm.

My group has faced many challenges such as figuring out how the wrist joint works and what it’s functions are. We have also had struggles on figuring which design could best protect the wrist joint because of its complexity. We were able to overcome our these complications with our discussions on our individual research that was done and we asked our Biomedical Innovations teacher to give us further explanations on the wrist joint.

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