The Titans- Odessa D.

My group has been working really hard on our wrist protection device, yet I feel as if we (I) have come to a barrier in the design. I want to make our product different from any other wrist guard, except just about every idea, every innovation has been taken. We have gotten the majority of our research over the physiology on wrist control and protection accomplished. We need to keep the wrist from moving while still allowing it slight flexibility to provide more comfort to the user. During the first week after our reference wrist guard product ordered from Amazon arrived and we were all wearing it for a day, all team members noticed that after wearing it for a long time, the end nub of our radius was constantly rubbing up against the side of the wrist guard, thus I was constantly readjusting mine to make it more comfortable. After experiencing this, we decided that we had to make comfortability a high priority in our design, meaning that we would need to select very supportive, comfortable and durable materials for the main area of the wrist guard that would be in contact with the user’s skin. Some materials that we have been considering are a nylon and polyester mix (which is a very fit-to-form material, durable and breathable), as well as velcro attached to elastic straps for adjustment and a hard plastic for the outer protection guards, possibly high- density polyethylene and foam for padding.

Polyester- Nylon Fabric


We have also been focused on our customer review questions, as well as how we are going to send out these questions to not only people who play roller derby but everyday people who get wrist injuries. We still have to find a selected group to send our survey to thus we can actually get our own responses rather than using ones from a (reliable) resource. We also have been working on our design proposal, in which we have our first draft of our wrist protection design, in which I think that we can make it much more comfortable and improve the design and durability of the model. I was looking for ideas in class, when I thought of a rollie pollie, in which I was able to incorporate into the design by making the hard plastic on the outer sides (top and bottom) of the wrist guard to where they are interlocking square/ rectangle shapes, yet they are able to bend slightly to allow movement of the hand, which was another problem experienced with our reference product, that it was too restricting. I hope that we are able to actually send out our questions as well as make the proposed design possible, since it could give an advantage to protecting while allowing movement and adjustability to the user’s wrist.

Proposed Design, 1st Draft


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