Dimanique Henderson-RunnerPro

Updates on RunnerPro:

Recent things that have been happening at RunnerPro are updates on the preliminary design proposal, we are thinking of different materials, are also thinking of different designs. We are stuck on what to add and what not to add in our design but it gets hard with not being an expert at this type of stuff. Stuff as in building a protection device for a specific body part from scratch.

We’ve been looking at materials and have found a few helpful resources. I learned from CTiKneeBraces, carbon fiber and variations of BioSkin materials are very helpful when choosing liners for the brace. Also from PhysioRoom, I compared some of the listed materials and good liners may be cotton, Hypo-Allergic Doeskin, and neoprene.

Our group has had a little bumps in the road trying to determine what exactly we would like our design to look like and how we want it to fit. I feel like the field trip going to the hardware store will help us put together a vision of how we would like our device to look and what type of materials will satisfy our customer and will help us be successful with our final product.

We are currently figuring out as a team how we are going to compile all of our thoughts and put it into one design. I can say we are all stuck on how our thoughts are going to fit into something that will eventually be real but we’re a work in progress!

Viviana hard at work
Brainstorming of materials and a sketch of a thought about design

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