RunnerPro- Diamond P.

IMG_6067Last week for us as a team was a bit challenging and crazy. Last week we worked on building our joint model, the knee.  For me it was especially hard because I’m not very creative and when I walked into the makerspace and saw what I had to work with it, I knew I was going to have to think hard. As a team we were challenged to make an accurate model with the limited materials we had including clay, rubber bands, rubber tire, glue, pipes, and wood. We has well had a skeleton model in front of us that was very helpful. With such limited materials we knew we had to think and use what we had wisely. We referred back to the skeleton most of the time because we wanted our model to be as accurate as possible.

As a team we spent the first half of class collaborating as a team on how to start and what we could use for what. After finally deciding on a couple of things and just saying we would figure out everything else as the process continued, we finally started. We used the pipes that were given for the femur and tibia to start us. As the process continued we came to a point where we were stuck. We couldn’t quite think of how to represent the hinge of the knee. We searched our houses and classrooms and couldn’t find anything. We finally just used the rubber bands and it worked well enough to represent the hinge as best as possible. Our final product came out better than we had all expected and were proud of ourselves.

Then we were able to present our joint model to all the other groups and we had some very helpful feedback that helped us with our research. Many groups were surprised at how accurate it was considering the limited materials we had. Overall I believe my group (RunnerPro) did well in showing the knee joint in the best possible way. IMG_6068

We are currently working on our design proposal which is coming together very well. We’ve gotten a lot done and don’t need much left to do. With doing our design proposal and researching more deeply into our joint we are having to make decisions and choices on how we are going to do certain things. For example we wanted to focus on teenagers in sports mainly involving running but we now know that we want to focus on the same thing but with women. We have also figured out the five most important things we want to focus on and who we want to interview, to gather more information that can help us when we start designing our product.

I’m excited to see our final product at the end because this has been a very fun and interactive project. There was a lot of challenges that we have faced and I’m sure there is more to come, so seeing what we come up with will be interesting.

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  1. Your blog post was very well done! I liked how you described a specific project in detail and discussed what went wrong and how you powered through it. After seeing your model in person it was interesting to read your post and see the behind the scenes process of it. -Anabel P.

  2. This blog post was really relatable, especially in the beginning with the joint model and how it was a difficult project. You’re model turned out very well, and from what I read you got good feedback to go off from, to the second hardest part of this project, the design proposal. Your group seems to be the very prepared for the rest of the project, ya’ll seem to be doing really well in your design proposal, and thinking about future things, such as making the actual innovation. Your explanation of your whole process was great and in great detail giving me the idea that ya’ll will succeed with your future product. -Emma Pineda

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