OrthoDocs-Apolonia Vazquez

My group at the moment is working on brainstorming how we want our product to be based off of what we learned from our reference product. We are also starting to work on the Preliminary Design proposal, and making further investigations as needed. Me and my team mates are working on the problem statement. As we were doing research we found that your rotator cuff, which is what connects your humerus bone to your scapula, can tear with overuse. We are focusing on football players, and when football players throw the ball they have to place their arm up in the air, above their head to get the ball to go to the maximum speed. While doing this they put their ligaments under a lot of stress, and over time if they continue this movement their ligaments can loosen causing an unstable shoulder. Based off of this research we will be able to determine exactly what to say in our problem statement.

In the beginning of the project we had to come up with a team name, and it was a bit difficult but we ended up choosing the name OrthoDocs. We also got to dissect a chicken shoulder to see how the joint looked, and worked up close. I feel like that was a bonding moment for my team, as well as a learning experience.So far I think we have been doing a good job as a whole group. We just finished doing a model of our joint, which is the shoulder. We forgot to add a tendon, but we had everything else correctly on the model. The process of making the model was fun as well, I enjoyed how we got to design the model all ourselves; and how we were the ones who had to overcome the obstacles that came up during the construction of the model. There was a part where we weren’t sure how we were going to have our two pieces connect and still move like a shoulder would. But we overcame that, we ended up using rubber bands and a cup to help our model move smoothly. This project helped me have a deeper understanding of the shoulder joint, because we had to do more research on the shoulder and its important parts.

shoulderimages (1)

Overall I have had fun learning more about the shoulder joint and its properties. I work well with my fellow team mates and I don’t have any problems with them which makes things easier, and I look forward to the next step into this project.



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  1. I enjoyed how you talked about your process with your team and what y’all have done together since the project has started. It seems like your team has gotten a lot done and in a timely manner. It’s really interesting to learn about another joint because we are so focused on our own joint. I liked how you gave a brief description of all that has been done and how your team overcame some challenges that were thrown your way. I also like how you ended the post with a positive outlook on the future for your team 🙂

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