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My team has been focusing more on how to prevent injuries than the actual product were making. We plan on doing  something but we just need to make sure our product can protect the shoulder. Some research  we’ve been looking at is the common injuries shoulders sustain to help narrow down what we actually want to do for the brace. We do have a goal as a group when preventing injuries which is to understand the extent of the injuries, and what parts of the injuries are actually causing problems.

We believe that anyone can make a design and create a product for the shoulder but do they understand and know the background of the injuries and how to protect it?he main goal for shoulder injuries are to decrease the amount of pain, inflammation and strengthen the muscles to improve the range of motions. And because of this information we’ve found information listing the common injuries. According to Gregory Nicholson, MD, an orthopedic surgeon almost every person between the ages of 18 and 88 will experience some type of shoulder injury. The most common shoulder injuries are separations, dislocations, and rotator cuff injuries, and with this information we plan to include this in our design proposal so the customer understands what’s being sold to them and also so the community understands the shoulder does get injured.Image result for shoulder injuries

The image above represents a rotator cuff injury to the shoulder and a rotator cuff injury just happens to be the number one shoulder injury in roller derby. “The muscles of the rotator cuff (supraspinatus / infraspinatus / teres minor and subscapularis) are broad flat muscles that primarily keep the head of the humerus (your arm bone) centred in the glenoid cup of the scapula – i.e. they help control the stability of your shoulder joint.”

I feel my team has done a good job as far as this project is concerned but even better when it comes to how each person is growing individually. Our team has been staying on task and actually communicating not just as in updates on what needs to be finished but on the ideas we have on the projects, and also on how we feel about each member in our group. Personally I feel that our next step is to do customer interviews with roller derby players to see what bothers them most and how they injure their shoulders., we also plan to let them test out some of the customer needs we came up with based on wearing a product like the The Ultra Shoulder Support Brace.



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  1. I think your blog post is really great, although I would like to hear more about your progress in terms of exactly where you guys are at. Also if any complications you have reached prevented some of your ideas and how do you plan on fixing them? I loved your sources and your pictures that you decided to incorporate. Overrall good job!! -Leyla Z. (Human Relief)

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