Derby Pro- Erica Guajardo

This semester we are working on our DAP project, we first began by choosing our team. Then we where introduced to our costumers which where roller derby players. Each team was able to decide which part of the body they wanted to protect, and the derby pro decided to do the ankle.

Before we could do anything, we needed to learn more about our body part, so we where told to dissect a chickens foot since it is similar to our own. During this activity we got to see many features like the tissues (skin, fat, muscle, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, bones) and how they all work together.

The next task we where given was to build a model of the ankle and the tendons, ligaments, and other muscles that make up the ankle. To do this we used Magic Model, PVC pipes, foil, and pipe cleaners.we build our model out of PVC pipe and wood to build the two longest bones which are the tibia and the fibula. We also used magic model to make the smaller bones such as he talus and many more, pipe cleaners were also used to make the tendons, ligaments, and some of the muscles.

Now that we finished learning what we are dealing with, we where told to wear a brace that would protect the ankle. This way when it came to building our own we knew what our protector should include and what it shouldn’t. After each group Member was given a hole day to try the brace, we filled out a Preliminary Needs Matrix so we could include what we liked of the model, what we didn’t like, and how we would change or improve it.

After given feed back by Ms. Miesner we where able to improve our thinking of what we would add or improve of the brace. Now we have split up the work and are finishing up our interview questions and starting on our research so we can make a good ankle protection for our costumer. 


McDavid Classic White Lightweight Laced Ankle Brace , Black, medium


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  1. First I’ll like to say that I liked how specific were at explaining step by step what your group did to preform and complete the project. Also I liked how you used actual medical terms like cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. You really explained in depth about the joint model you had to create, you explained the actual materials and exactly what you guys did. The reflection you said about Ms. Miesner really helped me understand more about your project. Overall your explaining about your process was really understandable.
    -Viviana Jaimes

  2. I like how you started your post by introducing us to the project and how it all came together. Also throughout the blog post you kept on leading us by the steps y’all went through. The pictures you posted on here are helpful to visualize better about your joint which in your case is the ankle. I can relate to the things you explained on here because we all had to go through the same process the only difference was having a different joint and it is interesting to see how your joint looks and works differently from mines. We are all focused on our own joint that we don’t really know a lot more of the others that exist and it is good to learn about them. Keep on brainstorming and adding things to your brace to improve it as we finish this project, I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Good luck 🙂

    – Cindy Mondragon

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog post. I like how you started off introducing what the problem and project is that your team is working on. Also how you explained the research and dissection you did on the chicken foot, it helps that you actually got to see the connections between a human and chicken foot. A few suggestions when talking about how each team member had to wear your product I feel like I could have a better understanding on what your customer needs are and how you felt the product needed improvement.I also agree with Cindy I know it may not seem important to you to say but it helps me and others see what your learning and working on since every group has a different joint and we don’t know much about the products being made.I hope I get to see your product in the future. Keep up all the good work!!!
    -Ishajanek Overton

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